Over It


Web Series Pilot 



Producer: Karen Newman

Director: Ita Fitzgerald 

Writers: Collet & Parsons


Jess Collett. Gabrielle Parsons, Will Close, Richard Soames,  Simon Hibbs, Natasha Magigi

Thrown together through financial necessity, (we all gotta pay the rent right?) are Chloe and Bex, two late 20 somethings that are completely incompatible. It’s not just their personalities and flat mate habits that are at odds, they are also on opposing sides of the break up fence. Chloe a recent dumpee and Bex a recent dumper, they choose to deal with their break ups in very different ways.

Whilst Chloe seeks comfort in girlfriends, candlelit baths and balancing her Chakras, Bex thinks the best way over it is to ‘swipe right’. Thrown into this car crash are lecherous landlord Harry, wind up merchant Sally and a string of disastrous and inappropriate sex. Despite their repelling magnetism the girls do manage to get ‘over it’ and a real friendship grows with hilarious consequences.