Thirst - Feature Film


Development supported by Screen Australia


UK/Australian Co-Production

UK Producer: Karen Newman

AUS Producer: Owen Johnston

Director: Tammy Riley-Smith

Writer: Christine Langtree

Casting: Ben Cogan

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Clint Salvatore is the head counsellor at a rehab centre called The Phoenix. Charming, dangerous and funny, Clint is the man. Under the watchful eye of the centre’s zen-like manager, Frank, Clint has an affair going with Debbie, the married nurse of the facility, and his best friend is the schizophrenic wise fool and ex-wharfie Herbie, the janitor at the facility. 


Clint’s hold on top-dog status is challenged when young university educated counsellor, Alex is appointed to work alongside him. Her compassionate methods clash with Clint’s old fashioned tough love approach. When Clint makes an error in judgement, it results in the death of a troubled young client, the full-of-bravado hipster, Harry. Clint’s tightly structured world begins unravelling as he becomes haunted by Harry’s ghost. Harry’s relentless comic interventions threaten to drive Clint back to the demon drink and certain death.