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The Man at the Bottom of the Garden

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10 Minutes
Karen Newman
Paul Blinkhorn
Paul Blinkhorn
Ben Cogan

Denise Black
Paul Bradley
Clare Cabraith

June 2021


  • YouTube
Video calling to check in on her parents, Jessica’s greeted by her mum, Marji, who informs her that her dad, Joe, is in isolation at the bottom of the garden. He’s displaying symptoms of
Covid-19 - but everything isn’t as it seems.


Official Selection

2021: The Austin International Art Festival - Finalist Best Comedy Short / Best Short Producer, The Paris Film Festival - Nominated for Best Comedy

4th Dimension International Film Festival - Finalist, Southport Film Festival

This is England Film Festival, Sydney Indie Short Film Festival - Semi-Finalist

Swindon Independent (International) Film Festival

Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival - Finalist Best Comedy, Best Director Best Producer and Best Performer (Denise Black)

The Women Over 50 Film Festival, Wallachia International Film Festival

The Birmingham Film Festival Film, Purbeck Film Festival 

2022: The Ealing Film Festival, Wigan Leigh Film Festival, Earls Court Film Festival

Film the House - Finalist Best Script, The Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival, The Romford Film Festival

The St.Albans Film Festival, The Stockholm Short Film Festival, The Cardiff International Film Festival, London Film & Television Festival 


Best North West Film - Wigan Leigh Film Festival

Best Covid Short - The Stockholm Short Film Festival

Best Short Producer - The Austin International Art Festival 

Best Drama - The Swindon Independent Film Festival

Semi-Finalist - Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival

Honourable Mention - Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival 

2nd place (Audience choice award) - The Women Over 50 Film Festival

Audience Award- Purbeck Film Festival

Finalist - Performance Film & Media Insurance

Finalist - London Film & Television Festival 

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