The Timothy Welling Award

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In December 2012, Tim Welling lost his long battle with depression and tragically took his own life. Tim was a talented actor, a kind, honest and generous man and a wonderful friend. He bought love, laughter and light into the lives of the people who were lucky enough to know him. We all miss him terribly. We need to do more as a society to understand and to help those suffering from mental illness.


We should not be afraid to talk about it and to reach out. The Timothy Welling Fund was established in 2014 by Tim's close friend, Karen Newman, in association with E15 Drama School where Tim trained. It is designed to offer help, mentoring and some financial support to a third year student studying on the same three year acting course as Tim. It is also meant to keep Tim's name alive.


Karen is hopeful that one day the fund will grow and will be able to reach out to other sectors of the performing arts.


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