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The Timothy Welling Award

In December 2012, we experienced an immeasurable loss. Tim Welling, a talented actor, and a beacon of kindness, honesty, and generosity, tragically lost his battle with depression and took his own life. Tim was not just a friend; he was a source of love, laughter, and light in the lives of those fortunate enough to have known him. The void he left behind is indescribable, and our longing for him is profound.

In the face of this heartbreaking loss, we realize the urgent need for society to do more. We must strive to understand and support those who suffer from mental illness. It's time to break the silence, to openly discuss this sensitive topic, and to extend a helping hand to those in need.

In 2014, Karen Newman, a close friend of Tim's, founded the Timothy Welling Fund in association with E15 Drama School, where Tim himself received his training. This fund is dedicated to providing assistance, mentoring, and some financial support to a third-year student pursuing the same three-year acting course that Tim pursued. Through this initiative, we aim not only to honour Tim's memory but also to ensure that his legacy lives on.

Karen holds the heartfelt belief that, with time, the fund will flourish, enabling us to extend its reach to other realms of the performing arts. Together, we can make a difference, creating a world where support and understanding are readily available to all those who face the challenges of mental illness.

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The Winners

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